Chiara Tonini, PhD Joins Pryml as Senior Machine Learning Researcher

Pryml today announced that Chiara Tonini, PhD, previously senior data scientist at the  pharmaceutical company Boehinger Ingelheim, has joined the company as Senior Machine Learning Researcher. Chiara brings to Pryml over 10 years of experience in scientific research, big data and advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), together with a passion for using machine learning technology to solve real-world problems.

In her role at Pryml, Chiara will be responsible for leading the development of Pryml’s core components that profile and create synthetic data. She will also be pioneering practical solutions to the challenge of bringing machine learning solutions to highly regulated environments in the financial domain.

Chiara’s experience in theoretical and experimental machine learning and data analytics techniques gives Pryml a leg up in our mission to making innovation possible on confidential data. “I believe our customers and end users will benefit immensely from having someone as talented as Chiara working to bring machine learning and data science to the most confidential assets that characterise the financial services industry” said Pryml co-founder and CEO Dr. Francesco Gadaleta.

Chiara earned her Doctorate in Theoretical Astrophysics at the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA/ISAS) in Trieste, Italy, where she studied the evolution of Dark Matter structures in the Universe. She continued as a postdoctoral researcher in Dark Matter and galaxy formation at Portsmouth University, the Swinburne Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing and Melbourne University, developing an expertise in theoretical modelling and big data. She continued her career as senior data scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim where she developed machine learning algorithms that optimise the sale cycle and the supply chain for core products in the pharmaceutical industry.

“Pryml provides a unique opportunity to bring machine learning solutions to data that would otherwise stay unused. I find this fascinating from a theoretical perspective. But also fundamental to protect the privacy of the people represented by confidential digital records. Especially now, with increasing data breaches and data abuses, it is even more necessary to preserve the confidentiality of certain data while still extracting insights for people and service providers. I’m excited to join the Pryml mission of making innovation possible on confidential data” said Chiara Tonini.

About Pryml

About Pryml

Pryml provides a technology to deploy third parties applications to protected and confidential data assets. It is enterprise-ready, easy to integrate and to extend. 
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